Sexy Hot Blouse Patterns And Designs 2017

Sexy Blouse Designs or Patterns looks very attractive. Specially in party or any other function. Girls specially, young girls looks very hot while wearing saree with sexy blouse designs.

So we have collected some of really hot and sexy different types of saree blouse patterns. You may find them helpful for your next blouse design.

We have collected some really beautiful and trendy simple back neck blouse patterns/designs so you can download them for free. check them below –

Sexy Hot Blouse Designs And Patterns 2017

Check out the latest collection of some front back blouse necks from latest blouse catalogues.

hot sexy blouse design

Wide back neck really looks very sexy. Whole back is visible for person looking from back. If you are comfortable with this type of style you can go with this.

Hot blouse design

Simple round like shape with tight fitting looks sexy like crazy. If you don’t want to complete back open you can select this type of sexy saree blouse designs.

Hot back neck blouse patterns

Unlike all above here only one side is open. If you look from back you will find a cross like line. This is complete sleeve less from one side and having considerable shoulder from other hand.

open back hot blouse design

This is cool sexy blouse pattern that most of the Bollywood celebs have used. Simple long stripes without sleeves. Wide portion of your back is visible to public with this design.

Hot sexy saree blouse design

This sexy blouse design have net from back to make it transparent. If you want whole portion of your back to visible you can go with this. Due to sleeves less, absolutely it’s look hot on Indian womens.

sexy blouse back neck

Both patterns shown in above images look very very hot. Round, cone wide back neck looks great on any type of sarees.

Sexy blose back neck patterns

Now this is really one of the most sexy blouse design. Tight fitting just increasing the beauty of that blouse. If you have great body shape as above shown and you are ready to show off your body parts then this is like that what you are searching.

Sexy saree blouse design

This cone like back neck blouse patterns is quite unique but looks very hot. Sleeve less design make it more appealing and point out in public. You can also wear it any traditional festivals because of it’s simplicity.

So here we have taken a look on sexy blouse designs that are extremely hot and easy to sewing. We can check more blouse patterns in our site.

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